What are you hoping to accomplish?

Our mission is to change Utah law making it possible for voters to recall senators from office. Once a U.S. senator is elected in Utah, there is no law that allows the them to be recalled if the officials are not voting in accordance with their election promises.

What is a statewide initiative?

A statewide initiative is a petition to propose a new state law. If the petitioners collect the required number of signatures, the law may be submitted to either the legislature for its consideration or to the voters at an election for their approval or rejection. To read the full list of instruction for a statewide initiative click HERE

How many signatures are needed for an initiative to be on the ballot?

Sponsors must collect a certain number of handwritten signatures to place an initiative on the ballot or submit it to the legislature. If the sponsors want to place an initiative on the ballot, they must collect 115,869 signatures of registered voters in Utah.

How can I place my name on the initiative?

The signatures for a statewide initiative must be collected physically, not through email or e-signatures. Volunteers will be traveling to various parts of Utah to collect these handwritten signatures. Please subscribe to our email list so you may receive updates on where and when we will be in your city so you may place your name on the initiative.

What can I do to help?

First, sign the petition. Subscribe to receive udpates on when and where we will be collecting signatures for the statewide initiative. Second, donate to help the cause. Any amount helps Utahns take back the power of their representation. Third, spread the word by sharing our website and message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How can I donate?

Click HERE to donate. You may donate through PayPal or through our donation center on the page. If donating through our website, simply fill out the needed information. If donating through PayPal, follow the instructions are the page.

What's going on with Utah's U.S. senators?

Click HERE to be redirected to our "STAY INVOLVED" web page. There, you will be able to read past articles and current events of Utah senators.

What are funds used for?

Funds are used to host events, print brochures, advertise on various mediums, and hire necessary personnel for the cause.

How many times can I donate?

You may donate as many times as you wish. Our volunteers are giving time, energy, and resources to protect Utah's voters, but without funding, we can only do so much. Donate today to make a change in your Utah community.

When I donate, why do I need to give my address?

Thank you for supporting our initiative drive. Please note that we are required to report to the State of Utah the name and address of each donor who gives more than $50 per year.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Donations are not tax deductible.

Can I dontate funds from my corporate account?

Donations from corporate accounts are only permitted if the company has filed a statement of organization with the Utah Lt. Governor's office and has been in existence for more than 90 days before the general election.

I'm not from Utah, can I still donate?

Yes, even if you are not from Utah or a non-Utah resident, you may donate to the cause. You will not, however, be able to put your name on the statewide initiative. Thank you for your support!

It's not legal to recall senators from office, how are you going to recall Senator Mitt Romney?

It is not legal in Utah to recall senators from office, YET. Our mission is to change Utah law making it possible for voters to recall senators from office before senators complete their 6-year term.

To do this, there are certain steps we must take to make it legal.

First, we must collect 115,869 signatures of Utah voters on a statewide initiative. Once we collect the required signatures, we can place the proposition on the next Utah ballot.

Once on the ballot, the people of Utah may vote whether they would like to change the Utah Constitution and make it legal to recall a senator from office.

Once it passes, it will be legal to recall senators from office.

Where are you now with the statewide initative?

We are currently working with the Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office and carefully following all the steps and requirements necessary to comply with this citizen's initiative. We do not have a precise date as to when we can begin to gather signatures. By signing up on our website, you will be able to receive an update when we reach this point in the process.