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  • What is this about?
    Our mission is to provide to our fellow Utah's, the ability to remove an eleted legislative offical from office if such official has not voted in accordance with the party which they claim residence. Once a state legislator has been elected in Utah, there is no law that allows the people to recall them if they are not voting in accordance with their election promises. The Voter Accountability Act will provide the people of Utah with the power to change that. The Utah people will no longer have to "wait out" the term of an elected official who has chosen to forsake their own party's beliefs. Officials are voted for representation, not for their own agenda!
  • What is a statewide initiative and how does it work?
    A statewide initiative is a petition to propose a new state law. If the petitioners collect the required number of signatures, the law may be submitted to either the legislature for its consideration or to the voters at an election for their approval or rejection. ​ To read the full list of instruction for a statewide initiative click HERE.
  • How many signatures are needed to place a statewide initiative on the ballot?
    Sponsors must collect a certain number of handwritten signatures to place an initiative on the ballot or submit it to the legislature. If the sponsors want to place an initiative on the ballot, they must collect 115,869 signatures of registered voters in Utah.
  • How can I sign the initiative?
    Signatures must be handwritten and therefore cannot be done online through emails or e-signatures. Volunteers from the Voter Accountability Act will be visiting different locations throughout Utah to collect handwritten signatures. Please subscribe to our email list to be aware of when and where the volunteers will be next so you may place your name on the initiative. Help others become aware of our visits by liking, sharing, and following our social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • How can I help?
    First, sign the petition. Second, donate to help the cause. Any amount helps Utahns take back the power of their representation. Third, subscribe to receive email updates on the campaign and up coming events. Fourth, spread the word by sharing our website and liking and following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • How can I donate?
    Start by clicking on the "Donation" page at the top or bottom of your web browser. Scroll down until you see the title "Donate Here". You can donate through paypall or through donor box. Follow the steps listed on the donation page.
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