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Dear Fellow Utahns

Currently, there is no mechanism in our state to recall an elected official for any reason. Once elected, these politicians feel they have tenure until the next election; many go right back to empty promises and get elected again. Thus, the cycle begins all over again. Five more years of Senator Mitt Romney is simply not acceptable. We deserve better.

The time has come to amend the Utah Code to allow the recall of elected officials who have strayed from or ignored the will of the very people who elected them.

There are two avenues to amending the Utah Code:

1. Through the Utah State House of Representatives and Senate

2. Through a citizen’s initiative—a process of gathering signatures and fulfilling requirements that will place the initiative directly on the ballot.

This citizen’s initiative, once amended to the Utah Code, will empower the voters to make elected officials accountable almost immediately, thus keeping their feet to the fire.

To make this a reality, we need:

· Volunteers

· Signatures

· Your willingness to share this message on social media, not just among our Utah friends but among citizens throughout the country.

· Monetary contributions: $5, $10, $20, $50, etc. Any amount is helpful.

It is important that you visit our website (, click on “CONTACT” at the top of the page, and subscribe by adding your name and email address. By doing so, you will be able to receive updates and information about signature collection along with other pertinent information that becomes available.

We look forward to having you be a part of this grassroots initiative.


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