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Dear President Donald Trump

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Since you were elected, you have been under attack by members of your own party: Never-Trumpers and others who have their own hidden political agenda. They seem to ignore the many millions of voters who supported you in your presidential election and continue to support you in the great work you are doing to “Make America Great Again.” Your efforts have already transformed and improved the lives of millions of Americans.

Unfortunately, here in Utah, our vote and support for you and your policies are being challenged by one of our own elected officials. Even after you extended a hand of reconciliation and gave some consideration to Mitt Romney for a job to serve our country in your administration, he has put his own personal feelings and interests before the will of those who elected him.

Today, we are beginning a process to place an initiative on our Utah ballot that will make it possible for Utah voters to recall Senator Mitt Romney. As far as we can tell, he has done very little, if anything, to support the will of Utah voters. Simply put, five more years of his continuing personal attacks on you and the policies of your administration cannot be tolerated. I am in a position to personally listen to and talk with many voters who are disappointed, frustrated, and angry every time Senator Romney attempts to derail your vision for America with his misguided comments and tactics.

Mr. President, help is on the way. We have your back. God speed!


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